65269.) Everyone on facebook is so fake and judging. Tumblr is the only place I can be me.
33086.) It is a terrifying feeling to be trapped inside your own mind.
28655.) i want you to shove me against a wall and kiss me passionately until we both run out of breath.
28656.) i want to fall asleep with you.


24657.) Talking to you has become an addiction. We’ve not missed a single day to text since January 20, 2010.
27618.) I love to D R E A M. I swear my dreams are just so much better than this reality I am living. When I dream I finally get to be free, I get to be with you… I am a D r e a m e r.
27347.) all i want is to feel needed. like someone cares. like someone wants me through all my good and bad. why can’t i seem to find that?
23812.) i wish you would text me right now, and say something really sweet
22730.) Earth without ‘art’ is just Eh.
22222.) You make me smile like crazy.
21991.) the guys i’ve been claiming to be over for months just messaged me for the first time since he broke my heart. turns out; i wasn’t over him..
21142.) Jesus loves you all.
20843.) I can honestly say, I’m in love with you.
20287.) I love kissing guys with stubble. The way it scratches across my face.